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February 21, 2024

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rankly I love watching car programs like Top Gear and Fifth Gear and dream of driving those exquisite super cars hither car programs and thither up and down the roads of Ireland. Judging by the examples on these shows Ferrari, Maseratti and Aston Martin et al are as at home on the race track as they are on country roads; go figure! The sad thing though is gasoline is equivalent to $6/gal so mucho Euro required to sustain my dreams for reality to take effect. The thing of it is Jeremy could do with a lady presenter to keep him on his toes as he has a tendency to drift like the cars with too much power. As for Richard and James well they seem to be the epitome of dignified gentlemen most of the time, but hey there is nothing like a lady for harmony and grounding. The STIG is of course in a league of his own but not on his own as his reputation is legendary in car racing circles. Met him a long time ago at a dinner party and he was with his grandmother; what a lovely lady indeed. Just kidding, never met him but then again I could have as you see he always has his helmet on to protect his identity. Oh leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow; wink wink! So come on boys suspend your monopoly and welcome a lady to your team. Just think if Fifth Gear can do it successfully then you can too and watch your female audiences topple the charts of attentiveness. Not being sexist but it shall do wonders all around for all audiences especially if you choose a special star in the presenter world like Rachel Riley of Channel Four fame. Now there is one smart lady; brains & beauty with top class wit and all Maybe perhaps Top Gear guys are primitive fellows who think women cannot drive cars irrespective of the fact that there are numerous excellent racing drivers of the female gender; don't you know! Anyway I digress as usual so let us get back to the task at hand of the oddity comparing car showrooms to car programs and rest awhile because there really is no contest. You see limited exposure at showrooms will do nothing for your solution of finding the car of your budget whereas auto programs give you the facts, suggestions, the bites and the pros and cons of each vehicle you are ogling. This of course makes the juggling easier as you may avail of all this wonderful knowledge and expertise in the comfort of your home. Drifting or perhaps wafting through the web sites of both Top Gear and Fifth Gear is extremely time enhancing. Not one bit of it wasteful even as a time passer because dreams are made of curiosity being satisfied. Dreams then unfold into reality when the desired bunches of Euros are compiled to attract the showroom whereby the test drives can be undertaken with more confidence. Adding a power boost to your car buying experience rides the knowledge you gleaned from the experienced power gliders in the guise of excellent presenters. They of course have the unique attributes coupled with a panache for the ridiculous and appetite for excitement spelling fun and more fun when you triumphantly arrive and dreams materialize. Hmm Jaguar XF, Maseratti Quatroporte or even Mercedes S65AMG?! No I guess it will be a Citroen C5 for another while, maybe in diesel! Argh say the petrol heads but good one say the green guys! With Top Gear anyway you can aim to get tickets to appear on the show as a filler in the audience which might be fortuitous; hey you never know! Perhaps even the opportunity will pop up if you are alert to actually appear on screen uttering some smart comment at James, Richard or Jeremy. Whichever happens enjoy your auto even if it is in dreams but like all dreams they sometimes surprise by actually materializing when other facets of the universe are in alignment with the excitement of happenstance and your exalted successes; good job!

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