If you’re looking to add delicious  whipped cream or cream-based desserts to your menu, then we have just the thing to help you out! Our cream chargers and dispensers will allow you to quickly and easily prepare and serve mouthwatering treats that your customers will love. Plus, with so many different colors, shapes and styles to choose from, you can create the perfect theme for each of your dessert items! Come take a look at our Nangsta selection today!

What are Cream Chargers?

A cream charger is a small, cylindrical device that is used to make whipped cream. The device fits on top of a standard canister of whipped cream or heavy whipping cream and shoots gas into it. When you depress a button on top of the charger, nitrogen gas is injected into the liquid in order to create fluffy, tasty whipped cream. A standard canister has 16g of air at its maximum capacity while a single charger adds an additional 30g. After 6-8 charges, you will have completely displaced all remaining air with nitrous oxide making for very high quality whipped topping that isn’t grainy or uneven in texture like homemade versions often are.

The Health Benefits of Natural Sweeteners

Natural sweeteners are basically sugar alternatives that provide all of their natural sweetness without artificial ingredients. Natural sweeteners like agave syrup, honey, molasses, brown rice syrup and stevia have a lower glycemic index than refined sugar—meaning they don’t raise blood glucose levels as quickly as refined sugars. Still, that doesn’t mean you should start using them interchangeably with white sugar; most still contain a lot of calories—you just need less of it to get an equivalent level of sweetness. Agave syrup is around 70% fructose and is often used in place of maple syrup or honey.

How Do I Use Them in My Coffee?

A coffee cream dispenser is a great addition to any home. Coffee shops have been using them for years, but now you can use one in your own kitchen. They come in many shapes and sizes, from hot chocolate powder dispensers to creamer cans. How does it work? The cream is stored in a separate chamber, so you are able to dispense just how much you need. Many people like having whipped cream in their coffee because it adds a rich taste without having to use whole milk or cream.

Use them for More Than Just Drinks

Cream chargers and whipped cream dispensers aren’t just for mix drinks anymore. With a little creativity, you can use them in sweet recipes, like pancakes, muffins or even cake batter. They add volume and richness to baked goods that’s hard to get with regular milk or butter. Add some color with food coloring—red makes strawberry shortcake pop while blue turns chocolate chip cookies into an ocean scene. Whip up some fun by adding candy sprinkles, cookie crumbs or crushed nuts on top of your whipped cream as well. These simple decorations make any dessert look fancier than it is—and they’re easy enough for kids to do themselves. So don’t forget about these versatile tools when it comes time to whip up a dessert recipe!