2023 goes away and the new year 2024 arrives which, hopefully, in addition to many joys and satisfactions, will also bring some important news regarding the Highway Code.

For this reason, Vocea Europei in today’s article we will discuss the main innovations that will be (or may be) introduced in this new year. If you are looking for Cea mai buna scoala de soferi din Suceava continue reading everything.


One of the most important innovations concerns the even more rigid and severe rules on the use of cell phones for those driving. In fact, you could face fines of between 422 euros and 1697 euros, with an attached suspension of up to two weeks. It will be even worse for repeat offenders, who may be forced to pay fines of up to 2588 euros with a suspension of up to three months and a deduction of 10 points from their driving licence.


Another important point concerns the intention to implement educational and training programs for children. We should start from the educational program on road traffic in middle schools, with the aim of raising young people’s awareness of the importance of respecting road rules. But according to what is filtering out, there will be no shortage of traffic education courses for high schools too.


Furthermore, a fundamental point of the new bill concerns the rules on the consumption of alcohol for those who drive. In fact, among the most awaited innovations, in force from next year, is the tightening of sanctions for those who drive under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.

For those who have already been convicted of driving while intoxicated, there will be a total ban on the consumption of alcohol: consequently, there will be no particular limit, simply the threshold of zero grams per liter of blood must not be exceeded. For these drivers it will also be mandatory to install the alcohol lock device on the car , which blocks the starting of the engine if it detects any blood alcohol level.


The last point we will discuss concerns the impact of 2024 for new drivers, i.e. those who have obtained their license for less than 3 years. For this special category, the ban on alcohol consumption will come into force (for drivers under 21 years of age). Furthermore, the current ban on driving cars with a power exceeding 55 kiloWatts per tonne – 65 kW for electric ones – or vehicles with a maximum power exceeding 70 kW (95 horsepower) is extended from one to three years.


We have seen, throughout the article, a non-exhaustive summary of the most important innovations that 2024 will bring regarding the Highway Code, to which others are also added. We take this opportunity, once again, to wish you a happy new year!