Most new players do not want to invest a lot of money to check out the sport. Newcomers frequently purchase the least priced tank: the CO2 tank. Because tanks are so inexpensive and widely available, most paintball starter kits include CO2 as the air supply. CO2 tanks are lightweight, come in a variety of sizes, and may be transported over mail as long as they are empty. The sizes of paintball gun CO2 tanks range from 3.5 oz to 20 oz, with the larger tanks capable of delivering roughly 1500 shots depending on the type of gun used. The smaller the CO2 tank, in general, the fewer bullets it will fire. Small, disposable 12g CO2 cartridges are also widely available and pre-filled. These are frequently employed in air rifles and paintball pistols. Click here for more details. gun shops near me

For the most consistent performance, competitive tournament players frequently employ pricey, high-tech, ultra-fast paintball markers. Only high pressure air tanks, when combined with precision competition style firearms, can provide such dependability. These markers are only meant to be used with HPA tanks because cheaper CO2 will damage these pricey guns. Because they do not freeze up during rapid-fire gaming, high pressure air tanks provide a more constant performance. CO2 is held as a liquid in a tank; when it is released into the paintball gun, it transforms to a gas. When the phase changes, the temperature drops abruptly; if this happens too quickly (as in constant rapid firing), there isn’t enough time for the tank to warm up again, and it begins to freeze. When the paintball gun becomes too cold in the tank, it starts shooting irregularly and inconsistently; some balls fire normally, some drop to the ground, and some shoot 10 feet. When this happens, your tank will frequently appear frosty. The only thing you can do at this point is wait for the tank to warm up again. Even though this only takes a few minutes, it’s still inconvenient… especially in the middle of a battle!

High pressure air tanks, on the other hand, maintain a constant air temperature and pressure regardless of how frequently the trigger is squeezed. Because the temperature does not change, the interior elements of the paintball gun are also considerably easier to maintain. When you use a hpa tank, your marker will shoot better and last longer. The sole disadvantage is the cost; high pressure air tanks typically cost between $50 and $200, whereas the largest CO2 tank available costs only $30. HPA tanks are also available in either carbon fibre or aluminium tanks. The aluminium HPA tank is the least priced and, with its square bottom, resembles a CO2 tank. Carbon fibre tanks with round bottoms and an additional layer of carbon fibre are the most expensive. The extra layer extends the life of the tanks and makes them more resistant to damage.

Another factor to consider while deciding which type of tank to utilise is the availability of refills. Although CO2 tanks are less expensive, they can be more difficult to replenish at times. Players virtually have to live near a paintball field to replenish their tanks now that Wal-Mart no longer provides the refill service it formerly did. Other options, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and certain local gun shops that sell paintball weapons, are available. As a last resort, players might inquire about where the local hospital receives its air and O2 tank refills. HPA tanks may be refilled with any commercial compressor and are frequently more easily available.

In most cases, money appears to be the only obstacle to purchasing a high pressure air tank, despite the fact that their performance and durability are far superior to CO2. Despite the fact that it can cost up to five times as much as CO2 tanks, players that upgrade to HPA are invariably blown away by how much better their rifle performs. Purchasing a used paintball air tank is not advised because they may be damaged and hence unsafe to use. When purchasing a new tank, make sure to check the expiration date and current safety rating to confirm that the tank is still safe to use. Always get new paintball equipment from a respected dealer for the most dependable and safe equipment.