With more than 1,700 miles of beaches lining the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, South Africa is a nation near the southernmost point of the African continent. It is a nation that is particularly well-liked by tourists for a variety of activities like wildlife safari and shark cage diving tours. For more details, please click here helicopter tours cape town

Depending on the sea conditions, these diving experiences usually start after breakfast and last for about three hours. There are normally two tours per day during the intermediate and high seasons, and three tours per day during the peak seasons (June to August). They normally begin around seven in order to observe predation and breaching activity in the early morning hours. Around that time, shark activity is at its peak. There is approximately a 100% probability of seeing sharks during peak season, although this chance can drop to about 80% during intermediate seasons. If you were unfortunate, you can always earn a voucher for not seeing anything.

On the excursion, you can view penguins, schools of dolphins, and southern right whales. If you have the opportunity to visit Seal Island, get ready for a breathtaking sight of more than 64,000 seals congregated in one area.

Usually, trips leave from Kleinbaai Harbor in Gansbaai and Simon’s Town, which is about 30 minutes away from Cape Town. Sharks are drawn to the boat using special food after it leaves the shore and travels to an area where they are known to frequent. You have the opportunity to enter the cage and descend into the ocean once the sharks begin swimming near the boat. A great white shark brushing against you as you take up-close shots of the enormous animal is an incredibly exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Due to its high demand, many of the limited trips sell out well in advance, and many visitors without reservations are turned away. This is especially true from May through September, which is considered peak season. If you can’t get in the water from December to May, open ocean tours with shark viewings of the Blue and Mako species are also offered.

The story is similar on wildlife expeditions. Families love them and frequently reserve them weeks in advance. This excursion is seasonal and is only available during specific times. As is clear, if you don’t make reservations in advance, there’s a significant possibility you won’t get to see everything South Africa has to offer.

It is crucial to plan your vacation when travelling to another country in order to see all that location has to offer in the few time you have there. Booking your trip before you arrive in South Africa is essential. Visit us online to avoid waiting in line.