The basic act of watching has become extinct in today’s fast-paced society when we are constantly assaulted with information and diversions. We frequently miss out on the world around us by staring at screens, skimming through social media feeds, or multitasking. However, engaging in purposeful and attentive viewing may be a life-changing activity that helps us re-connect with our inner selves, other people, and the natural beauty of the planet. We shall discuss the importance of viewing and how it might improve our lives in this article.

The Ability to Observe

A basic part of the human experience is observation. We begin to learn about the world by using our senses at a young age to take in the sights, sounds, and sensations that are all around us. But as we become older, we often stop paying attention to what we actually observe and instead rely more on our thoughts and judgements.

On the other hand, watching necessitates a deeper level of interaction with our surroundings. It enables us to completely experience the present and lose ourselves in the little things that are frequently overlooked. Watching enlightens us to the diversity of life’s fabric, whether it is a sunset, a bird’s complex movements, or just the expressions on people’s faces.

The Practise of Mindful Viewing

In order to watch mindfully, we must consciously focus our attention and be fully present while doing so. Here are some techniques for developing this habit:

Engage your senses by focusing on what you hear, taste, smell, and see. Take note of the minute details, hues, and textures in your surroundings. You can only fully enjoy a moment if you use all of your senses.

Refrain from passing judgement: Watch without assumptions or bias. Be open-minded and curious, enabling yourself to perceive things as they are without the bias-filtering influence of your own opinions.

Take the time to sit down and observe: In a society that promotes continual motion, doing so can seem radical. Pause, take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to give your complete attention to what you are viewing.

Learn to listen intently: Watching isn’t just for visual experiences. It also entails paying close attention to the sounds that are all around you, whether they are the distant buzz of city activity, the song of a bird, or the rustle of the leaves. Your overall viewing experience will be improved if you train your ears to hear the symphony of noises.

advantages of watching

There are many advantages of mindful observing for our health:

Enhanced mindfulness: By developing a habit of watching, we sharpen our awareness of the here-and-now. Our general state of mindfulness in daily life is improved by this increased awareness.

Connection and empathy: By paying close attention to others, we can better comprehend their feelings, circumstances, and viewpoints. This encourages empathy and improves our relationships with those around us.

Beauty appreciation: By watching, we can take in the frequently overlooked beauty. Watching shows the remarkable in the commonplace, whether it is in the delicate petals of a flower, the reflection of light on water, or children’s laughter.

Stress reduction: Meditation, or the practise of mindful observation, can be used to relieve stress and the responsibilities of daily living. It enables us to put our troubles aside and focus on the here and now.


The practise of looking gives a chance to reestablish a connection with oneself and the environment in a society when stimulus and distraction are pervasive. We can rediscover the fun and beauty in the process of observation by using our senses, being alert, and fostering awe. Allowing and embracing the practise of witnessing. tamillyrics143