Corporate industry is very diverse and vast. Each niche has its own concepts and understanding. If we are focusing on penetrating a large audience base and acknowledging them in their respective niche then simplification and right knowledge delivery is the key. 

Netflix, a world renowned OTT platform. It has a humble beginning and its growth has mesmerised everyone. In 2022, Netflix celebrated its 25th anniversary. On the grand occasion they produced a corporate video where they showcased the journey Netflix has undergone. They very subtly and beautifully talked about every aspect of their business. They proudly showed how they pragmatically decided to utilise the internet for streaming services and how it led to the birth of the term “Binge-watching”. They also credited themselves for numerous trend creation and another term “Netflix and Chill”. In toto, they produced a remarkable piece of corporate video. On YouTube alone, the video has garnered 343K views. 

With corporate videos brands can create an effective and concise way for content delivery and simplification in their strategies. A simplified and engaging corporate video content can grab attention, reduce boredom, remove unnecessary content research, etc. for the viewers. 

However, creating corporate films or videos requires effort and in-depth expertise from various fronts like editing, production, post-production, sound engineering, graphics, etc. Other than aforementioned subjects, video concept ideation, strategy formulation, campaign creation, etc. are also very important when a video is being created. 

Corporate videos often offer certain distortions like precise and targeted video creation and  incorporation. To sway the distortions, brands with prolific and pragmatic vision are collaborating with the top corporate video production company to generate various corporate  video formats. Moreover, finding and collaborating with the best corporate video production companies is another challenge. 

In order to streamline the growth process and provide an unhindered communication channel, we have prepared a list of 5 Top Corporate Film Production Companies in India. 

Top 5 Corporate Film Production Agencies in India

Vidzy: Leading Corporate Video Production Company in India

Vidzy is India’s leading top corporate film production company. It has been in the industry for the past 7 years and till now has scripted numerous successful campaigns. Vidzy excels in producing captivating and visually striking influencer based video content. 

Vidzy as Corporate Video Production house possesses all relevant and necessary apparatus to streamline the video creation. It has IIT/IIMs expert professionals, state-of-the art tools and technologies, in-depth and comprehensive market research, and remarkable art of storytelling. 

Vidzy caters to all the demands that emerge in corporate structure. To name a few, they have rich experience in producing corporate explainer videos, corporate social media videos, corporate video ads, corporate training videos, corporate product demonstration videos, etc. It leverages the authenticity and influencing ability of the influencers in corporate videos to increase engagement and trust. 

Key Features Of Vidzy:

  • A robust network of more than 300K+ onboarded influencers who are adept and expert with cultured algorithms and produce authentic contents
  • Cutting edge tools and technologies to nourish and better the video content intent to increase visibility, awareness, and preach right and scalable information
  • Rich expertise and established experiences through more than 10000+ videos to 1000+ brands 
  • Incorporation of expert and leading niche influencers in corporate video production  
  • Due emphasis on storytelling, processing visually striking video content, and simplification of concepts. 

2. YTube:

YTube offers a compelling platform for corporate video production. Their key attributes are creativity and innovation of which internalised in every video that they create.  They have strong command over creating viral corporate brand video so that brands can increase their online awareness, visibility, and dominate online marketplaces. 

YTube’s corporate video production services are executed by best cinematographers, talented directors, experienced editors, and latest tools and technologies fundamental to corporate video production. All the facials amalgamate and based upon a streamlined framework they produce a remarkable piece of brand video. 

Key Features Of YTube:

  • Well versed in YouTube cultured algorithms and trends
  • In-depth and nuanced understanding of corporate video production in formats like reviews, training videos, tutorials, etc.
  • HQ video production, Right colour collection, brand affiliating colour palette, sound mixing, aesthetic designing, etc. are their expert zones. 
  • With enchanting and enthralling storytelling they increase engagement 

3. IGPackages:

IGPackages is one of the top Corporate Video Making Companies. Their focus area lies in ideating and creating visually striking and appealing social media content. They intend to complement platforms like Instagram and other similar platforms. This corporate video agency understands how to capture the ever dwindling attention of the audience through their Corporate Brand Video. 

IGPackages have mastered the art of grabbing attention within seconds through their offerings like short videos, social media videos, brand videos, and influencer based videos. Their major focus lies in catering to tailored and audience specific videos. 

Key Features Of IGPackages:

  • Captivating and attention grabbing videos which are precisely tailored according to the needs of audience and the corporate brand.
  • This corporate film production house has delivered numerous videos of various formats like animation, real life videos, motion graphics, etc. infused with creative storytelling.
  • They provide visual simulations to brands’ aims, goals, and objectives through their corporate videos. 

4. Grynsta

Grynsta, a corporate video production studio offers all the services revolving around corporate video production. They have rich experience in producing 2D and 3D motion graphics videos and animations. This corporate film production company has technology experts who are renowned for their creativity, compelling narratives, seamless execution, and striking designing abilities. 

Grynsta has developed multinodal partnerships with organisations, brands, industries, etc who require animation and motion graphics in their functioning. They have a sound record on delivering some of the finest corporate videos the industry has ever seen.  

Key Features Of Grynsta:

  • Enchanting visual production with goosebumps evoking sound addition
  • Remarkable video composition and execution 
  • Last mile delivery approach when focus on intricate projects and provides keen attention to details
  • This Corporate Video Making Company believes in collaborative approach and leverages the feedback loop to better their content at every step.

5. IM Photo

IM Photo has its expansive base as a corporate film production house, and digital marketing arena. They are well known for their video producing ability of which they have used in delivering numerous successful and memorable videos. They have explored all the facets of the world of films and based upon which have crafted inspiring and enthralling corporate video content.

IM Photo focuses on delivering precise and tailored content as per corporate needs. Their expert domains are producing UGC content, documentaries, training, tutorials videos, etc. They provide an aesthetic and artistic touch to each of their videos. 

Key Features Of IM Photo:

  • Describing the imaginations and representations through the artistics lens
  • They believe in capturing essence of the moment rather just documenting it
  • Visual storytelling, inducing awe, and attention to detail are their forte
  • High-quality production and video post-production services, ensuring stunning results.


Corporate videos and other format videos are shrouding the landscape irrespective of the facet involved. These 5 remarkable corporate film production company have excelled in their domain to produce the most memorable video content possible, not only to satiate the brand involved but to maintain their charisma and track record too. 

Corporate houses who are in search of securing the best video relevant to their need can contact these 5 prestigious institutions where the quality and performance is second to none.