The most popular vice in the world is chocolate. People like chocolate treats all over the world, but what if there was a method to consume chocolate as a nutritious food rather than a sinful treat?

In fact, there is. Given that nuts with chocolate contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as part of its constituents, why is it considered to be so unhealthy? The truth is that chocolate becomes the (tasty) fattening, unhealthy delicacy we know and love when we add lots of milk solids, sugar, and more cocoa butter to it. However, dark chocolate, especially low-sugar bitter chocolate, has none of these effects. However, before chocolate is considered to be healthy, there is still one more factor to take into account.

The funny thing about eating chocolate on its own is that since the body won’t recognise it as food, doing so only results in you collecting carbohydrates and other ingredients without absorbing any vitamins or minerals. However, if you eat chocolate along with other foods like nuts or fruit, your body will recognise the entire meal as food and reap the advantages of the chocolate as well.

Dark chocolate pairs best with foods high in vitamin C, such as blueberries, because they are also high in iron. It really is a magnificent combo, similar to the tastiest multivitamin you’ve ever had, and it will provide the ideal nutrient partner to ensure that all the iron is absorbed from the chocolate.

I can say with certainty that when I worked as a chocolatier and routinely consumed dark chocolate along with berries, grapes, almonds, dried fruit, and seeds, my blood test results for vitamins and minerals were the best they had ever been – and I wasn’t gaining any weight.

As a result, you now know you don’t have to give in to your chocolate addiction if you simply cannot function without it. Choose some beautiful fruit and nut dark chocolate instead of the fatty, sugar-filled low-grade milk chocolate bars so you may indulge guilt-free. Just keep in mind that you should consume everything, including chocolate, in moderation.