There are many ways to learn about what’s going on in the political world these days, but perhaps you’d like something that isn’t quite as conventional as reading a book, watching television, or going to class. Well, you’re in luck because online web series are quickly becoming one of the best ways to keep up with politics and the issues that impact your life every day. And we’re going to tell you why.

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They’re Informative

Online web series are a great way to learn about politics without having to invest too much time. They’re informative and often times, even entertaining. Watching online web series is so easy! You can watch them on your TV, on your computer, or right from your phone! They’re perfect for when you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting for your kids at soccer practice.

They’re Engaging

Online web series allow people to learn about a topic by watching it. This is different from movies and TV shows because people can watch an episode of a show instead of having to sit through hours and hours of footage in order for them to understand what is happening. For this reason, online web series may be more engaging for viewers than traditional media sources.

They’re Short

A great thing about web series is that they’re short. That means you can watch one episode, and if it’s not your cup of tea, you can stop there. They’re also relatively cheap for an entire season of content. Finally, a lot of these series have a very specific focus, so if you want to learn about politics or the law or anything else related to policy or justice, there’s a web series out there for you.